Monday, January 19, 2009

Victorinox Presentation Pro Swiss Army Knife

by : Nick Mokey

Long gone are the days when a Swiss Army Knife was only good for whittling, opening bottles, and accidentally getting suspended from school. Victorinox’s new breed of knives has focused on integrating more tech features into the do-it-all devices, and the latest, unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, trumps them all.

The Presentation Pro includes a 32GB removable USB thumb drive with integrated biometric fingerprint sensor, laser pointer and Bluetooth remote control. And that’s only the geeky stuff. There’s also a nail file, screw driver, scissors, key ring, and of course, the obligatory blade.

That means you can carry your PowerPoint on the thumb drive, keep it secure by ensuring only your fingerprint will allow it to be read, remotely change slides when it’s on a projector with the Bluetooth remote, and highlight the most important parts with the laser pointer. And there’s always that blade in case anybody gets rowdy.

Victorinox will release the Presentation Pro in a number of different variants (including one with no blade so it can be carried onboard airplanes) in May. They’ll range between $170 and $330, depending on capacity.

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