Friday, November 21, 2008

We Wound

Disaster from the country tears, hundreds of thousands of people go precedes us, copyright coals wound flaming the sense, coals to create a light wound. My brother is not only going to leave a name, my brother who went leave launch meaning, my brother is going to remind the the contents of the world, will understand the meaning of life is.

Indicators that we are all with, wound their wounds us all, indicators, the indicators we, The suffering there, we suffered too, my brother went to leave our grief,

dropped tears made the sea of gems, Wake magnitude of the disaster more his wisdom, exist by us to go for it in heaven.

Indicators that we are all with, wound their wounds us all, indicators, the indicators we, the suffering there, we suffered too.


My Country My Prison

I love the uniformed my country, countries that speak with gun as attentive as the frequency of, I do not know where the directions. I'm not a true patriotic, wait a ringing phone full of ambition, I do not want to die like them, I do not know pronounce revolution.

Red and White flag symbol of the beloved, There is such a my country my prison, I do not even know the meaning of freedom, surrender at the end of the pounding drums.


Independent or Dead

When you fall in the awareness,so you know how to, all that you run the falsity,will forever punch yourself. Stand with both feet, your brain truth on the dead, see hear and feel, has become a man.
Independent or dead truth that, see hear and do, independent or death ..

Claims to be an independent, kill all the unlawful, independent or die for, with all the truth that there is..


When All No Matter Again


After all that we do, after all come slur
now it is time now, world changed to terror,
Risky lost a arogan, all have been destroyed
the earth swallowed.

When all.. When all.. no matter again..

the way we will end here, repeat all of the past
I hope we can again, if only the issue of boxing final, or because of a dispute revenge, On all ends.
When all .. when all.. do not care anymore..