Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review : Asus unveils F50GX and F70SL range of notebooks

Asus recently added two very distinct notebooks to its expanding product line-up. The first one is a slim and lightweight 16 inch notebook called Asus F50GX while the second one is called Asus F70SL and is the world’s first 17.3 inch notebook. The trendy notebooks are a unique blend of style with functionality.

In a timeless design, both the F50 and the F70 are fabricated keeping to the Infusion style. The design of the notebooks not only gives them a modern look but also adds to their durability against surface abrasions. With a glossy, the notebooks imbibe both high definition audio visual entertainment and extensive multitasking capabilities.

Boasting of standard high definition audio quality, the Asus F50 and F70 range of notebooks also sport a 16:9 Full High Definition display that offers high contrast rate, brightness and color saturation. The display will satisfy a user’s entertainment needs by offering visual clarity and vibrant colors. The notebooks also include an HDMI port and a novel Chocolate keyboard.

With a dedicated numeric keypad, the keyboard in particular is known to provide impressive functionalities by offering concave keys that fit the contours of the users’ fingers. Delivering rebounding elasticity and easy typing over long durations, the keyboard comes with narrower spaces in-between the keys that also protect it against dust. The notebooks also include the ASUS Express Gate that enables quick boot up and instant access to the built-in icon-based OS.

As far individual features of the notebooks are concerned, the F50GX packs in a powerful integrated graphics solution imbedded right into the chipset, while the F70SL comes with a storage capacity of about 1TB. Equipped with the NVIDIA 9400M G chipset and graphics powered by ATI ati , the Asus F50GX also holds the title for being the world’s thinnest and lightest 16” notebook.

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