Sunday, January 18, 2009

Samsung too puts projector in phone (Review)

Logic Bolt may have thought to have dominated the unique projector phone market, but it was wrong as Samsung is running the race too. The last year’s CES had presented tiny DLP-based pico projector. Well, this year Samsung has incorporated something similar into its regular working mobile phone the name of which is still not announced. One can now think of carrying a TV sized screen in pocket in the form of this miniature projector phone. The new Samsung projector phone is due to be available in Korea this year with the Anycall brand that says it’s not a GSM device.

The almost-normally shaped candy bar handset is proud of being free of the huge chassis constraints covering other projector phones.
The handset appars to have five projection options, including File Viewer, Story Telling, Album, TV, via the inbuilt DMB-T mobile TV system and Flashlight (or Torch to most people).
The projection, while using OLEDs, is based on Texas Instruments’ DLP chipset, in contrast to the Liquid Crystal on Silicon used by Logic Bolt. Samsung has built the device on its widget based operating system.
As all the features info is displayed in Korean language, it seems that at least for the moment the launch is only going to touch Korea first.

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