Friday, January 16, 2009

Olidata to Launch New 13.3-Inch Laptops

Olidata is a company in Italy which can make good laptops. At least they sound good enough to me since I haven’t actually had the chance of touching one yet. The company has announced the new Conte laptops. They are both 13.3-inch laptops and they are ultra-thin. It looks like Apple’s Air is quite an inspiration for more and more manufacturers.

One of the Conte comes with a 16:10 display and a 1280×800 resolution while the other one sports a 16:9 screen capable of a 1366×768 resolution. Both computers will have a Core 2 Due processor inside, optional built-in 3G WiMAX and a battery that will get you four hours of unplugged work. The extended battery will offer three extra hours. The 16:10 laptop has a few extras like the Intel Turbo Memory, a fingerprint reader, a backlit keyboard and a standard 3GB of RAM. How much for an Olidata Conte? Less than $1,300 when they will arrive in Europe in May.

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