Friday, January 16, 2009

Personal DVD Player Bags Are PERFECT for Netbooks

The computer bag industry hasn’t quite caught up to the netbook fad, so if you’re looking for a bag for your new little netbook, you might think that you’re out of luck until they catch up, but I have an option for you. Most personal DVD player cases out on the market are about the size of your typical netbook, so you can buy them and use them for your new laptop bag. I found this Denali Sport Deluxe PDVD Bag at Target for twenty bucks. It fits my new Acer Aspire One PERFECTLY!

Case Logic In-Car DVD Player Case at Amazon.comThe thing that I love about this case is that it comes with a variety of straps and loops on the bag to hang it from the backseat of a car, but I can use them to make a convenient backpack out of this tiny bag. The Case Logic In-Car DVD Player Case has the exact same setup (without coming in fashionable colors like red). Since it’s so much easier to carry things on my back than just on my shoulder, I LOVE a backpack design. The fact that I have that option with the Denali bag (and the Case Logic) blisses me out.

Targus Sport Portable DVD Player Case at Amazon.comI used to use a Targus Sport Portable DVD Player Case for my old Acer mini computer. It worked very well for me and I included it with the computer when we gave it to Mike’s dad. I was wishing for it back when I bought the Aspire One, but now that I’ve found this Denali case, I don’t miss it so much anymore.

Eventually, laptop bag manufacturers will catch up to the netbook fad, but until then, you can find a good case for your netbook right next to obsolete personal DVD players in your favorite department store for about twenty bucks.

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